The Rutles

25. srpna 2008 v 16:08 |  Hudební skupiny
The Rutles je fiktivní hudební kapela, kterou stvořil Eric Idle s přítelem Neilem Innesem pro potřeby filmové parodie The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash.
The Rutles vznikli pro televizní film All You Need Is Cash (Vše co potřebuješ, jsou prachy), který byl poprvé odvysílán v USA na kanále NBC 22. března 1978. Tento dokument, parodující legendární skupinu šedesátých let, byl natočen dvěma známými tvůrci komediálních a hudebních filmů a pořadů - Ericem Idlem a Neilem Innesem.
Eric Idle byl jedním ze zakládajících členů Monty Python's Flying Circus. Neil Innes byl jedním ze zakládajících členů kultovní komediálně-rockové hudební skupiny The Bonzo Dog Band, která se objevila v roce 1967 ve filmu Magical Mystery Tour, sami The Beatles si je vybrali. Neil Innes se stal "sedmým Pythonem". Psal a produkoval hudbu pro jejich divadelní společnost a objevoval se s nimi i na pódiu.
Společně vytvořili parodii legendárních Beatles zvanou The Rutles. Neil Innes složil, napsal, nahrál a produkoval veškerou hudbu Rutles, a Eric Idle napsal scénář a podílel se na režii.
Oba si také zahráli hlavní role. Neil parodoval Johna Lennona a Eric Paula McCartneyho.
Zbylé dva Rutle si zahráli dva Neilovi hudební přátelé. Rikki Fataar (muzikant, který hrál s Beach Boys v 70-tých letech), zde si zahrál Stiga O'Haru (George Harrison) a Britský bubeník John Halsey, který ztvárnil Barryho Woma, (Ringo Starr).

V pravdě vydali celkem 4 alba (lze je draze koupit nebo stáhnout přes rapidshare atd. či torrenty), z nichž ve 3 jsou základem písně k 1. ze dvou filmů All you need is cash (2. = Can't buy me lunch), tedy:

All you need is cash:

Last Tea Party Tapes:

Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band:



Veškerá hudba, která zazněla ve filmu, nebo kterou můžete slyšet na soundtracku byla nazpívána a nahrána - Neilem Innesem, Rikki Fataarem a Johnem Halseym a konečně Olliem Halsallem, který hrál na kytaru a nazpíval většinu vokálů Dirka McQuicklyho (Paul McCartney). Ollieho můžete zahlédnout na začátku filmu jako Leppa. Eric Idle ve filmu ve skutečnosti hrál a zpíval na playback, který předtočil Ollie Halsall.

Fiktivní alba:

1) My Ronnie (by Tony Sheridan and the Rut Brothers - Decca, 1961)

Single, spoof of My Bonnie.
* "My Ronnie"

2) Please Rut Me (Parlourphone, 1963)

Spoof of Please Please Me.

Song titles created by Idle:
* "Please Rut Me"
* "Rut Me Do"
* "Twist and Rut"
Songs written by Innes:
* "Number One"

3) Meet The Rutles (Parlourphone, 1963)

Spoof of With the Beatles and Meet the Beatles!
* "I Love You"
* "Blue Suede Schubert"

4) Twist and Rut (Parlourphone, 1964)

Spoof of Long Tall Sally.

Song titles created by Idle:
* "Twist and Rut"

Songs written by Innes:
* "Baby Let Me Be"

5) A Hard Day's Rut´(movie soundtrack - Parlourphone, 1964)

Spoof of A Hard Day's Night.

Song titles created by Idle:
* "A Hard Day's Rut"
* "Can't Buy Me Lunch"
Songs written by Innes:
* "I Must Be in Love"
* "With A Girl Like You"
* "Between Us"
* "Lonely-Phobia"

6) Rutles For Sale (Parlourphone, 1964)

Spoof of Beatles for Sale.
* "Living In Hope"

7) Ouch! (movie soundtrack - Aristophone/IOU, 1965)

Spoof of Help!

Song titles created by Idle:
* "Ticket To Rut"
Songs written by Innes:
* "Ouch!"
* "Now She's Left You"[citation needed]

8) Rutle Soul (Parlourphone, 1965)

Spoof of Rubber Soul.
* "It's Looking Good"

9) Rutler (Parlourphone, 1966)

The official title of this album is actually unknown. The title Revolter has also been proposed. Spoof of Revolver.

Song titles created by Idle:
* "Yellow Submarine Sandwich"
Songs written by Innes:
* "Joe Public"

10) Travolta[citation needed] (unreleased concept album, 1966)

A scrapped concept album about a deaf, dumb and blind disco dancer, as described in a 1996 Goldmine article about the group. A parody of The Who's Tommy.

11) The Triangular Album (Parlourphone, mid-sixties)

A record in the shape of a triangle, which unfortunately was not ideal for listening. Other shapes were considered, but only one other was released, and only for a short time.

12) Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band (Parlourphone, 1967)

Spoof of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Song titles created by Idle:
* "Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band"
* "Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band (Reprise)"
Mentioned in The Rutles 2 by Carrie Fisher, creator unknown:
* "If I Sixty-Nine"
Songs written by Innes:
* "Major Happy's Up And Coming Once Upon A Good Time Band"
* "Rendezvous"
* "Good Times Roll"
* "The Knicker Elastic King"
* "Nevertheless"
* "Back In '64"

13) Tragical History Tour (movie soundtrack - Parlourphone, 1967)

Spoof of Magical Mystery Tour.

Song titles created by Idle:
* "Tragical History Tour"
* "The Fool On The Pill"
* "Lying"
* "Blue Gay Way"
* "Your Mother Should Go"
* "I Am The Waitress"
* "Hello Get Lost"
* "W.C. Fields Forever"
* "Denny Lane"
* "Abie You're A Rich Man"
* "All You Need Is Lunch"
Songs written by Innes:
* "Piggy In The Middle" o The backward message in the middle says: 'This little piggie went to ma-a-arket'.
* "Doubleback Alley" o The line "Stinking of gin/In Doubleback Alley/Grinning a grin/In Doubleback Alley" quotes two l ines from Rocky Raccoon.
* "Love Life"

14) The Rutles (double album - Rutle, 1968)

Spoof of The White Album.

Songs written by Innes:

* "We've Arrived! (And To Prove It We're Here)" o Released as an outtake from the 1978 sessions, the false starts and laughter are very much like tracks from Anthology. In the end you can hear Innes repeat "number two" until it fades out, parodying Revolution 9.
* "Let's Be Natural"
* "Another Day"
* "Easy Listening" o The line "Why don't we do it in the middle of the road?" references McCartney's Why Don't We Do It in the Road?.
* "My Little Ukelele"

15) Yellow Submarine Sandwich (movie soundtrack - Rutle, 1969)

Spoof of Yellow Submarine.

Song titles created by Idle:
* "Yellow Submarine Sandwich"
* "All You Need Is Lunch"
Songs written by Innes:
* "Cheese And Onions"
* "Love Life"

16) Get Up And Go
A lost album, which became Let It Rot. Prototypes of songs that were later to appear on "Let It Rot" and "Shabby Road" were recorded. Spoof of the failed Beatles album Get Back.

17) Shabby Road (Rutle, 1969)

Spoof of Abbey Road.

Mentioned in The Rutles 2 by Tom Hanks, creator unknown:
* "The Lunch You Make"
Songs written by Innes:
* "Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik"

18) Let It Rot (Rutle, 1970)

Spoof of Let it Be.

Song titles created by Idle:
* "Let It Rot"
Songs written by Innes:
* "Hey Mister!" o In the end of the song you can hear someone, probably the drummer, shouting "I've got a sodding cramp in me pinkie!", referencing the end of "Helter Skelter (song)", when Ringo shouts "I've got blisters on my fingers!"
* "Get Up And Go"
* "Lullaby"

19) Finchley Road (posthumous - NSU/Turnip, 1976)
* "Ticket To Rut"

Finchley Road was Eric Idle's original parody of Abbey Road as seen in The Rutland Dirty Weekend Book, before he fully realized the Rutles' complete story. At this point, The Rutles are not said to have broken up, e.g. the ad's statement "their latest motion picture 'A Hard Day's Rut'". As it stands now, this album is now presumably a post-breakup compilation album.

20) The Silver Rutles' Demo Sessions

A bootleg of early Rutles recordings.
* "Goose-Step Mama"
* "Under My Skin" (live)

21) Archaeology (Rutle, 1996)

Spoof of Anthology.

According to the Rutles website, Archaeology was recorded before the band broke up, and the master tapes buried in a time capsule, not be opened for 1,000 years. They were unearthed 26 years later instead.

* "Don't Know Why"
* "Shangri-La" o Includes elements from A Day in the Life, Penny Lane, For No One, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, and Hey Jude. Also includes a quote from Innes' "How Sweet to be an Idiot".

22) 1 (compilation - Rutle/Parlourphone, 2000)

Spoof of 1.

David Bowie says in The Rutles 2 that although The Rutles had been working up to the number one for years, he had managed to claim 4 for his "next album" before they did.

Solo releases

23)Old Bag

Spoof of Two Virgins.

Ron Nasty's controversial 1968 album, released on Rutle. Its shocking nude album cover was wrapped in an old bag (hence the name). David Bowie took the album's title as an insult to his wife.

24) White Dopes On Punk (by Dirk McQuickly & The Punk Floyd - Rutle, 1970s)

Spoof of "White Punks on Dope".

25) When You Find the Girl of Your Dreams in the Arms of Some Scotsmen from Hull (by Barry Wom - Rutle, 1970s)

* "When You Find the Girl of Your Dreams in the Arms of Some Scotsmen from Hull"

26) Dark Side of the Sun (by Dirk McQuickly & The Punk Floyd - Rutle, 1973)

Spoof of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon. Mentioned by Conan O'Brien in The Rutles 2.

27) Dirk & Stig (by Dirk McQuickly and Stig O'Hara - EMI, 1978)

Single released by Eric Idle and Ricky Fataar.
* "Mr. Sheene" b/w "Ging Gang Goolie"

It is also worth mentioning that the song title "My Sweet Rut" appeared on the back cover of The Rutland Weekend Songbook.


Ron Nasty (Špína)
místo v kapele:
kytarista, zpěvák, půlka autorské dvojice Nasty/McQuickly
Chastiti (Čista) - prostá německá dívka, jejíž otec vynalezl 2. světovou váku
aktivity mimo The Rutles:
Film: "Třista metrů filmu" spolu s Čistou
po rozpadu The Rutles:
Odvrátil se od světa a sedí se svými myšlenkami
Dirk McQuickly (McFofry)
místo v kapele:
baskytarista, zpěvák, druhá půlka autorské dvojice Nasty/McQuickly
Martini - francouzská herečka, jež neuměla anglicky a skoro vůbec francouzsky
po rozpadu The Rutles:
Se svou ženou založil punk-rockovou kapelu "Punk Floyd"
Stig O'Hara
místo v kapele:
sólový kytarista, zpěvák
Gertruda Strange proprsená, biologicky vyhovující americká dívka, jejíž otec vynalezl přílipkovou minu
po rozpadu The Rutles:
Stig pracuje pro Air India jako letuška
Barrington Womble - Barry Wom (Blemm)
místo v kapele:
bubeník, zpěvák
nešťastnou náhodou se během jeho svatby s řeznickou učnicí oženil s úplně cizí nevěstou
po rozpadu The Rutles:
Je kadeřníkem a má dva salony pro sebe


Hold My Name/Number One - SinglHold My Hand/Number One
Parlourphone single R-4949, 10/5/62
Shangri-La - SinglShangri-La


Meet The Rutles - LPMeet The Rutles
Parlourphone LP PCS-3045, 11/22/63
A Hard Day's Rut - LPA Hard Day's Rut
Parlourphone LP PCS-3058, 7/10/64
Ouch! - LPOuch!
Parlourphone LP PCS 3071, 8/6/65
Sgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band - LPSgt. Rutter's Only Darts Club Band
Parlourphone LP PCS-7027, 6/1/67
Tragical History Tour - LPTragical History Tour
Parlourphone LP SMMT 1-2, 11/27/67
Yellow Submarine Sandwich - LPYellow Submarine Sandwich
Rutle Soundtrack LP PCS-7070, 1/17/69
Shabby Road - LPShabby Road
Rutle LP PCS-7088, 9/26/69
Let It Rot - LPLet It Rot
Rutle LP PCS-7096, 5/8/70
Sweet Rutle Tracks - KompilaceSweet Rutle Tracks
Archaeology - LPArchaeology

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